Sponsored a Grandparent Programme:-
We are very happy to state that we have successfully completed various Programmes of the Sponsor – A Grandparent Programme.
SHED serves the people of these slums who are from varied regions, religions and castes but live together here. In order to develop communal harmony, SHED celebrates various festivals and important days with people of all communities and faiths.

SHED celebrated Independent Day at all our Centres. 70% older people attended the Programme of Flag Hosting. During this year, SHED had organized a programme on the occasion of ‘Ramzan Id ‘at their Jogeshwari Centre. People of different religions and castes actively participated in this programme. Senior Inspector of Police Meghwadi Police Station also attended and gave his valuable guidance about the Rights and problems of the older people. Shri Zende an Officer of the Rationing office also participated in this programme. SHED helped 85 Grannies by obtaining their ration cards. This will help them to get free rations every month. On 1st Oct 08 World Elders Day was celebrated by SHED. All the older people were taken to watch a comedy Marathi Play ‘Mhatare Jamin Par’ at the Shivaji Mandir Theater at Dadar. All of them enjoyed this show very much.

SHED also organized a Get-together exclusively for older people, which about 110 older people participated in different types of Competitions which were conducted by SHED. All the older people were excited and actively participated in the competition them. On this occasion a special programme for grandparents was arranged at our Kalina branch. The Grandparents were welcomed with the showering of petals and a Band belted out mellifluous tunes in the backdrop to entertain them. PTA’s of our Balwadis (Kindergarten Schools arranged various competitions which were enjoyed by all the older people. The local Inspector of Police was present on the occasion to generate awareness on self - defense and security among the senior citizens. Mr. Rajendra Tawde extended a warm welcome to the grandparents and distributed a booklet on “Health Tips”.

SHED also celebrated Diwali and Christmas festivals with all the older people. Sarees and sweets were distributed during Diwali whereas cakes and sweets were distributed during Christmas. All the older people enjoyed these two festivals. The fear of loneliness has completely disappeared from their minds, as these older people are now stay together with their friends as if they are the member of one family. An awareness Programme on Tuberculoss was arranged by SHED. On this occasion, a Street Play organized at Harinagar Jogeshwari .Large numbers of people of the surrounding area attended this program .People were made aware about the symptoms, medicines and precautions to be taken to avoid this disease. Many queries were asked by the public which were satisfactorily answered by our staff. Most of the older people participated in this Programme. They helped our staff members by distributing the pamplets and some miscellaneous work. With the help of Helpage India a regular medical check -up of older people is done by doctors of the mobile health clinic.

Food assistance, Medical Care, Clothes:- The needy older people are provided with necessary items such as food, clothes and medical facilities. We distribute food items like rice, wheat, Tur dal and sugar; Oil, Chilly Powder, Turmeric Powder, Tea Powder, Salt, Washing Powder etc We also distribute medicines, clothes and sweets to all the older people.

Financial Intervention For The Grannies:- SHED has started three Savings groups at Dharavi, Andheri and Jogeshwari. The members contribute Rs.50 per month. This fund is used for helping needy older people on an urgent basis. This is a self sustaining experiment started by SHED for the financial security of the older people.

Bal Jollosh 2008:- The programme was organized for local action by Society for Human and Environmental Development an initiative of SMILE FOUNDATION was known as “Baal Jallosh”. The programme was a cultural programme was organized specifically from the balwadies children. The participation of 150 children from nearby slum localities. Apart from the 150 children, parents eagerly participated in the event enjoyed the performances and cheered their sons and daughters with moist eyes.

The Programme was sponsored by smile foundation for Improving/Providing Education, Health Care & changing the outlook of slum children of Kalina in that connection the local action fund had raised by the donors as follow:-

  • Begum Bilkees Latif (47,000/-)
  • Mr. Abbas Rizvi (56,100/-)
  • Smt. Urmila Jain (25,000-)
  • Mrs. Alice Therattil (10,100/-)
  • Shree Mahaluxmi Temple Charities (50,000/-)

The Community showed their presence in spite of weather constraints. Around 50 people from different NGOs, celebrities, local influential people and media personnel reached to the venue braving the weather constraints and shut down because of political turmoil to be part of the innovative initiative by Smile Foundation. And above all, 850 people participated as the audience for the program from nearby slum localities.

The Guests for the event were:-

  1. Ms. Priya Dutt, MP
  2. Mr. Kripa Shankar Singh, Local MLA, Kalina
  3. Begum Bilkees Latif, President SHED
  4. Ms.Alice Johnson Therattil, Local Corporator of Kalina



The Celebrities for the events were:-

  1. Mr.Abhijeet Bhatcharjee, Singer
  2. Mr. Raja Hassan, Singer
  3. Mr.Zaheer from Pakistan, Sa Re Ga Ma challenge, contest
  4. Ms.Asma from Oman,Sa Re Ga Ma challenge, contest
  5. Mr.Shashi from Lucknow. Sa Re Ga Ma challenge, contest


All the Guests and Celebrities together graced the occasion and appreciated contribution of SHED and Smile Foundation for the development of underprivileged children. Ms.Priya Dutt said, “She is happy to know that SHED is doing such a kind work for the slums children and she will also contribute her help in future”. Mr.Kripa Shankar Singh also added that, “SHED is doing magnificent work in the Kalina area and he is proud to be associated with SHED”. The President of SHED Begum Bilkees Latif said that, “She would like to have associated with Smile Foundation for such endeavors”.

Blood Grouping Camp :- We had organized a blood grouping camp for our Balwadi children on 13th August 2008.We had also issued a health card to each child. Our Doctor with the help of lab technician carried out following test blood grouping measurement of Height & weight of each child. The Doctor had given a talk on nutrition and proper diet for a child. Total beneficiaries were 85 children.


Corporate sector visit to Dharavi Balwadies:- The members of corporate sector had visited our Balwadies in Dharavi with help of SOSVA. They had arranged get-together with children while dancing, playing games etc. They had distributed dryfruits and toys to each child.




Activities of the Balwadies:-

1.) Grand parents Day
In this 21st century grandparents are neglected that why SHED had organize a grandparent’s day on 1st of October with your balwadies children and their grandparents to show their children love towards elders.

Shri.R.Tawde extended a warm welcome to the grandparents and distributed a booklet on “Health Tips”. The event was organized from 11:30am onwards in SHED Complex and it was worth the SHED members who for the first time organized the entire program

All Grandparents were welcomed with the showering of petals and local band playing popular Hindi tunes in the backdrop to entertain them. Many programmes /competition were arranged by us. Some of the grandparents also participated in the event. Grandparents were enjoyed this programme by participating dance, singing, songs, drama etc. Senior Inspector Police Mrs. Harne of Kalina was present as a chief guest of the programme. Madam Harna had generated awareness among grandparents on self defense and security among senior citizens.

2.) Gandhi Jayanti
On 2nd October 2008 we had celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with our balwadies children’s to follow the footsteps of Bapu.

In the programme the main focus was on Culture and Values. We have been giving lessons in Human Values and culture, National Integration, Gandhian Values, to all our Pre-Primary students to enable these children to be good citizen, proud of their rich heritage and past. Prayers, Songs, Shlokas, Communal Harmony, National Pledge, Values the part of the programmes. We had also involved parents in the entire programme.One of our students had garland of flowers to Gandhiji statue. SHED thinks that “Values are Caught; Not Taught”.

3.) Celebration of Children Day :- 14th November
Anandi & Jagdish of ‘Balika Vadhu’ a popular show on COLORS, spent children’s day with the children of SHED. The children of SHED were overjoyed when they came face to face with Avika Gor – Anandi and Avinash Mukherjee-Jagdish in our premises. A thrilled Anandi was also thrilled she said that ‘ It is a special moment for her and that she is touched with this amazing gesture extended to her by these childrens. She had great time celebrating Children’s Day.

To this Jagdish added “ It was a day filled with fun and frolic to me. I had a great time being with these children and it gave me immense happiness to add a smile on the face of these kids.

SHED had organized children on 18th of November. A Fancy Dress competition was organized for children. All the children had participated in the competition by doing fancy dress of Policeman, Pari, Vegtable women, doctor etc. Three prizes were given to best dressers. The whole programme was covered by 9 Electronic channels and 3 print media (Coverage is attached)


We had taken drawing Competition of our Balwadies students. The creative hands had drawn their dreams on the papers.

Siddhrat Duble   Yasir Chudhary   Aakash Kanojiya   Anushree Benjle

Effective & Sustainable AIDS Intervention Programme for Migrant Workers of Dharavi Slum, Mumbai.
We had successfully completed 6 yrs in HIV /AIDS intervention programme with 30,000 slum population & 42,000 single male migrants. The programme was sponsored by AVERT Society and from November 2008 AVERT Society had handover the programme to MDACS ( Mumbai District Aids Control Society).

Goal of the Programme : To halt & reverse the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among the Migrant population and to provide quality services for their sexual health needs in Dharavi Slum.
Recently we had celebrated World AIDS Day from 1st Dec 2008 to 13st Dec 2008. The Programme given below :-

Two minutes Silence was observed to give homage to the marty’s of those killed in 26th Nov 08 who lost their live fighting against terrorism in Mumbai, our condolence was give to Indian police, army and innocent people who loss their life.

Stall Exhibition / Street Play
A new feature of establishing a IEC Stall on HIV/ AIDS outside Sion railway Satiation, The stall was attracted by many tress passers.IEC material was distributed to all the visitors. Later on it was observed that many of the passenger formed into the group and distributed the IEC material. We had reached more than 1200 peoples through IEC material.

Mobile Health check-up camp
SHED teams along with doctors, Nurses, Lab technician, counselors, ORW and peers visited all the main cluster of dharavi slums to give the medical services. In this campaign, some important blood test like HIV Testing was done. Health card was given to each of the beneficiaries. 50 patients took the benefits from different areas.

Social marketing in Dharavi
During the visits to the garments / leather shops. We had identify that there are more high risk groups. We had demanded vending machine of condoms from NACO through HLFPP. The vending machine is affixed at 72 sauchalya in Dharavi.

Mahila Mandal
We had already formed a mahila mandals in Dharavi. In the area there are lot of problem of obtaining related to Ration Card many of them who are unable to produce any document for getting a ration card. Many of them stay in rental house and the owner does not allow them to make the Ration card .Members of Kamyaab Mahila Mandal came together and met the rationing officer and discussed the issues. SHED is having an advocacy and a good rapport in rationing office. We had conducted the programme in SHED complex where we had invited ration officer Mr. Kiney. He had given all the information about getting ration card. Total 315 households got benefited by this programme.

Canteen of mahila mandals
SHED with the help of local mahila mandal has started Canteen. During this year, Dhanluxmi Mahila Mandal had taken initiative in running the canteen. They actively take part and care of the day to day activities of the canteen. The Food prepared in the canteen is hygienic and is supplied to the local schools. There is a good response for this canteen.

Ganesh Gaurav Programme
Every Year the youth groups of Dharavi celebrated Ganesh festival. Since last 8yrs, we are organizing a competion with 112 ganesh mandals. All communities join together for this events. As these youngsters have been involved with SHED in community concern. Three years back they depicted Population control and the Small Family norm. Last year they selected AIDS Control as the theme. This year it has been Communal Harmony and AIDs prevention.

We had organized a prize distributed programme in Kalina.All the youth members and ganesh mandals were present for the programme.

The Guests for the programme were:-

  1. Begum Bilkees Latif, President SHED.
  2. Ms.Alice Johnson Therattil, Local Corporator of Kalina.
  3. Mr.Abis Rizvi, Director, Rizvi Land Developer.

Three main & five consulate prizes for best ganesh mandals were awarded.

International Women Day
"Time of the year when women's across the globe celebrated a very special day "INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY" A Day to acknowledge the challenges women have faced, battles they have won and lost, and to salute their achievement. It is also a day to look ahead and gauge untapped potential and opportunities for women." Keep the above in view, SHED had organized a huge event for women / adolescent girls of Kalina slums on 9th March 2009.More than 1400 participants were present in the programme.

The Guests for the programme were present:-

  1. Ms.Priya Dutt,( MP)
  2. Star T.V celebrity Ms. Rajshri Thakur
  3. Ms. Rituparna Basu chouddury
  4. Ms.Latika Beledage, Advocate, Family Court

Total 1400 womens/girls were present for the programme.

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